Why Work With Us?

STF recognizes that each business has its own unique goals, personnel and identity. Your business fingerprint belongs only to you. A size 10 insurance and benefit program fits only one size, yet many small businesses, regardless of need, wear the same program. We do not subscribe to that method.

The proper sequence needed to identify and fit your business with the customized program you and your employees both need and deserve is more complicated, but in the end a better value. STF has the experience needed to provide you with cost-effective alternatives in an understandable fashion.

The retirement comparison chart of this site serves as an example of STF's dedication to that principle.

Once you agree on a program, the education of your employees is parmount. Benefits that are not explained and/or misunderstood by employees defeat the purpose. We believe in benefit education. Service is something easily promised but unfortunately much less fulfilled. STF stands by its long record of not only "Talking the talk, but walking the walk".

Whether sole-proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation, STF has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you in the complicated environment of insurance and benefit planning. We invite you to contact one or more of our satisfied clients to confirm our business methods.

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Barmore Sellstrom, Inc.
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WIB, Inc. (Chautauqua Works)
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